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Danay Suárez – cuban singer and composer

Danay Suarez, singer and composer, born in Cuba in 1985 and began her links with the world of music through movement of Cuban rap. She first collaborated with some of their representatives as a vocalist and improviser, and then ventured into the composition to create their own songs and raps.

Her voice does not go unnoticed and in 2008 the company Havana Club decided to include in its catalog Havana Cultura project. Her collaborations as a solo lead for the Havana Cultura stages around the world, and between 2009 and 2011 participated in international events and shows in Paris, Manchester, London, Leeds, Holland and other European cities. In these shows knows the renowned British DJ Gilles Peterson, who will become next to Cuban jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca, the musical producer of her CD Danay Suarez, Havana Cultura Sessions, her first foray into the world of jazz, and who gives a new twist to her career by fusing elements of hip hop with jazz and traditional Cuban music.

In 2012 performed with British DJ Bad dreams Nights Track CD ‘s first single Bad in Cuba and performs video clip in Paris to promote the song. She is currently immersed in her new album, CD Manuals Words