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Tinariwen are often associated with just one image: that of Touareg rebels leading the charge, machine gun in hand and electric guitar slung over the shoulder. The band ditch this cliché on their fifth album ‘Tassili’ and it’s for the best. The founding members abandoned their weapons long ago and on this new album they have engineered a minor aesthetic revolution by setting the electric guitar – the instrument which became their mascot and made them famous – to one side and giving pride of place to acoustic sounds, recorded right in the heart of the desert, which is the landscape of their existence, the cradle of their culture and the source of their inspiration. You might even call this radical move a return to the very essence of their art, a return which, paradoxically, has also opened the doors to some intriguing collaborations with members of TV On The Radio, Nels Cline (Wilco’s guitarist) or The Dirty Dozen Brass Band.



Lately, I began to be increasingly attracted to Latin music. Rhythms and melodic lines send me a good feeling, a positive attitude. Because of this, I will share a number of Spanish/South American troops, which have delighted my hearing lately.

In this post I’m starting with a spanish band wich was formed in the streets of Madrid. Elbicho, as they headed began to gather a great amount of fans because of their way to fusing “flamenco bulerías and tanguillos with an array of diverse styles such as progressive rock, african rhythms and a touch of jazz.” The band origins were when Miguel Campello and Victor Iniesta (guitar) joined with Carlos Tato (bass), Toni Mangas (drums) and David Amores (percussion) to form El Combo Flamenco. With this band they recorded their demo ‘Bichos’ which became a major sell out.
In 2002 Juan Carlos Aracil (flute) and Pepe Aracil (trumpet) were to join the group.

The band performed many times in the streets of Lavapiés and Madrid. Then without even them to expect it in June 2003 they realesed their first album.

In 2003 the realesed elbicho their debut album, produced by Tino di Geraldo and Guillemor Quero, in 2005 their second album elbicho II was realesed, with an incredible 15 minutes’ instrumental track called La Suite.