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Through-Music Collection #4

Here are some cool mixes on Mixcloud:

NU JAZZ FUSION! by By TJ-KiD (The True Jazzchild)

1. Wildflower by Nostalgia 77
2. Espontaneo by Emily Jones
3. My Only Man by S-TONE INC.
4. Samba Temperado by GERARDO FRISINA
5. If Dreams Come True by Emily Jones
6. Bluesanova by GERARDO FRISINA
7. Universe of love by S-TONE INC.
8. Three Corners by The Five Corners Quintet
9. Que Bestiera by Clara Moreno
10. New Morning by Kitty Winter and Gipsy Nova
11. In Every Way by Reverie
12. Barbara Ann by Webster Lewis

Flamenco Jazz By Adam Kvasnica

1. Nu Nu by Avishai Cohen
2. El Mar De Mi Vida by Eva Cortés
3. ¿Seguiriqué? (Seguiriya) by Camerata Flamenco Project
4. Bola (La Raíz Se Mueve) by Agustín Carbonell, Moises,Luis Dulzaides,El Negri & El Paquet
5. Pequenas Verdades by Mariza
6. Manteca by Trilok Gurtu
7. La Razon by Alain Pérez
8. El vito by Javier Denis, Marcelo Saenz & Guillermo Morente
9. Yerbagüena (Occidente) by Pepe Habichuela & The Bollywood Strings
10. Seguiriya by Camerata Flamenco Project
11. Romance Árabe by Henry Vincent
12. Palos Verdes by Quartet Equinox
13. Te He de Querer Mientras Viva by Jose Luis Monton


Capoeira music

In capoeira, music sets the rhythm, the style of play, and the energy of a game. In its most traditional setting, there are three main styles of song that weave together the structure of the capoeira roda. The roda represents the most strict and traditional format for capoeira and is ideally suited for an introduction and discussion of the music. Though we may consider the music traditional, because it has been passed orally from one to the next until the early – mid 20th century when songs and rhythms began to be notated and recorded, there is no record of to what extent and exactly how the music has evolved over time. Capoeira’s Brazilian heritage plays a heavy role in the way capoeira is perceived by its practitioners and understood at a subconscious level. It is a common feature of many Brazilian ethnic groups, for instance, as well as others throughout the world, that music is not so much a form of personal entertainment as it is a medium to bring about group cohesion and dynamic. Music in the context of capoeira is used to create a sacred space through both the physical act of forming a circle (the roda) and an aural space that is believed to connect to the spirit world. This deeper religious significance exists more as a social memory to most capoeira groups, but is generally understood as evidenced in the use of ngoma drums (the atabaques of Yoruba candomblé), the berimbau whose earlier forms were used in rituals in Africa and the diaspora in speaking with ancestors, the ever-present term axé which signifies life force, the invocation of both Afro-Brazilian and Catholic spirituality, and certain semi-ritualized movements used in Capoeira Angola that bring “spiritual protection”. The instruments are:

  • up to 3 berimbaus
  • up to 2 pandeiros
  • 1 agogô
  • 1 reco-reco (notched wooden tube similar to a Guiro)
  • 1 atabaque or conga


Through-Music Collection #2

1. Ben Howard – Depth Over Distance

Performing live on KCRW

2. Shaolin Afronauts – Kilimanjaro live at the Adelaide Festival Centre

January 21 2012
Adelaide Festival Centre

3. Clutch – “Gone Cold” live acoustic set

Clutch performing a live acoustic version of “Gone Cold” off their newest album “Earth Rocker”.

4. Vandaveer – Marianne (Sibu Edit)

5. Don’t Cha Hear Poor Mother Calling – Hollie Drew, Bull (miXendorp edit)

6. Don’t Cha Hear Poor Mother Calling – Hollie Drew, Bull (miXendorp edit)

Messychops 2012

7. The D.O.T. – Blood, Sweat and Tears

Taken from the new album ‘Diary’ released May 6th.

8. Xploding Plastix – Sports, Not Heavy Crime

9. WAX TAILOR feat Voice & Ali Harter (Live Paris, Olympia 2010)

10. Nerub – Optzerotrei


Through-Music Collection #1


Starting from today I will share with you a series song collections found on web to inspire you, so please share and enjoy!

1. The Morning Benders – Excuses

A studio live performance by the ex-band The Morning Benders & friends. Now the band is caled POP ETC. This song is from the album Big Echo.

2. Break of Reality – “Che” – Live and Unplugged

Break of Reality performs “Che” live in Ventura, CA. Directed by Tamar Sasson. From the album “Spectrum of the Sky

3. Skye – Gorillaz-Feel good inc

Ex-Morcheeba singer-songwriter Skye Edwards comes with a great cover for Feel good inc (original by Gorillaz).

4. Lake Street Dive – Clear a Space (Live at Pickathon)

Lake Street Dive perform “Clear a Space” live in the Bunny Glade at Pickathon 2012. Recorded by KEXP on August 5, 2012.

5. Alexander Ebert – Truth

“Truth” is the 3rd track on “Alexander” album launched on March 1, 2011.

6. Fink – Warm Shadow

“Warm Shadow” is included on the album Perfect Darkness released in 2011.

7. Empress Jahqueen – Mota Benama

The new Empress JahQueen’s Maxi-Single : Mota Benama (Means Human Being with a huge H)

8. Bonobo – First Fires (Ft. Grey Reverend)

First Fires – the first track from the Bonobo’s latest album ‘The Northern Borders‘ released in 2013, featuring an superb vocal performance by Grey Reverend.

9. Alabama Shakes – Hold On

Official music video for “Hold On” – the first single off Alabama Shakes’ debut record Boys & Girls.

10. Chet Faker – No Diggity (Live Sessions)

From album Thinking in Textures