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Danay Suárez – cuban singer and composer

Danay Suarez, singer and composer, born in Cuba in 1985 and began her links with the world of music through movement of Cuban rap. She first collaborated with some of their representatives as a vocalist and improviser, and then ventured into the composition to create their own songs and raps.

Her voice does not go unnoticed and in 2008 the company Havana Club decided to include in its catalog Havana Cultura project. Her collaborations as a solo lead for the Havana Cultura stages around the world, and between 2009 and 2011 participated in international events and shows in Paris, Manchester, London, Leeds, Holland and other European cities. In these shows knows the renowned British DJ Gilles Peterson, who will become next to Cuban jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca, the musical producer of her CD Danay Suarez, Havana Cultura Sessions, her first foray into the world of jazz, and who gives a new twist to her career by fusing elements of hip hop with jazz and traditional Cuban music.

In 2012 performed with British DJ Bad dreams Nights Track CD ‘s first single Bad in Cuba and performs video clip in Paris to promote the song. She is currently immersed in her new album, CD Manuals Words


Through-Music Collection #4

Here are some cool mixes on Mixcloud:

NU JAZZ FUSION! by By TJ-KiD (The True Jazzchild)

1. Wildflower by Nostalgia 77
2. Espontaneo by Emily Jones
3. My Only Man by S-TONE INC.
4. Samba Temperado by GERARDO FRISINA
5. If Dreams Come True by Emily Jones
6. Bluesanova by GERARDO FRISINA
7. Universe of love by S-TONE INC.
8. Three Corners by The Five Corners Quintet
9. Que Bestiera by Clara Moreno
10. New Morning by Kitty Winter and Gipsy Nova
11. In Every Way by Reverie
12. Barbara Ann by Webster Lewis

Flamenco Jazz By Adam Kvasnica

1. Nu Nu by Avishai Cohen
2. El Mar De Mi Vida by Eva Cortés
3. ¿Seguiriqué? (Seguiriya) by Camerata Flamenco Project
4. Bola (La Raíz Se Mueve) by Agustín Carbonell, Moises,Luis Dulzaides,El Negri & El Paquet
5. Pequenas Verdades by Mariza
6. Manteca by Trilok Gurtu
7. La Razon by Alain Pérez
8. El vito by Javier Denis, Marcelo Saenz & Guillermo Morente
9. Yerbagüena (Occidente) by Pepe Habichuela & The Bollywood Strings
10. Seguiriya by Camerata Flamenco Project
11. Romance Árabe by Henry Vincent
12. Palos Verdes by Quartet Equinox
13. Te He de Querer Mientras Viva by Jose Luis Monton


Caitlin ‘Kinny’ Simpson is half Jamaican and half Native Indian and was born in Canada. She is a classically trained Opera singer, but her love for reggae and jazz always came first and touring with a reggae band resulted in her visiting Norway and deciding to live there. This is where she met Espen and beautiful music began! After the release of the album, Kinny became a regular visitor to the UK with gigs at The Big Chill, Cargo, Jazz Café, Concorde 2, Native, and across Europe. From these travels she hooked up with a variety of producers and started making some fine, fine music. Her track with TM Juke on his Forward album was a sign of things to come. Since then she has worked with Nostalgia 77, Hint, Diesler, Quantic as well as being asked to write lyrics and record for Massive Attack. From befriending and working with the musicians and producers around her, her songwriting and collaborations excel from the warmth and personality she puts into the music (along with a special talent) and she delivers some wonderful music. (Myspace)

More info can be found on her tru thoughts profile here:


Akua Naru – “Live & Aflame Sessions” (2012) Session Videos

My recommendation for today is the new artist Akua Naru born in New Haven, CT (USA) who released her first album “…The Journey Aflame” in 2011 and in a short time solidified herself on the scene as a model for what women can be in hip hop.
Here is the playlist for “Live & Aflame Sessions”

Naru has performed with the Afro Beat pioneer and Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen, toured with classic Hip Hop group Lords Of The Underground, & shared the stage/collaborated with artists Patrice, Tete, Ursula Rucker, Blitz The Ambassador, german production powerhouse JR &Ph7, Detroit emcee Elzhi, Wax Tailor, Uk rapper TY, Voice Of Germany soul singer, Mic Donet, and recently featured on a new Red Hot release along side Tuneyards and legends Angelique Kidjo and Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson of the legendary Roots crew.